Other Industry Sectors

Coating Technology for Technical Applications

technische Anwendungen

The application of coating processes to components of plants and machines such as ball bearings, sealing rings, connecting elements, ceramic components of printed circuit boards, glass beads and other small components, etc. has gained in importance in recent years. New fields of application are being investigated and we would be pleased if you could address us with your specific problem.

The most widespread plants in this area so far are suitably adapted R&D devices with capacities up to 30kg/charge.

Coating Technology for the Chemical Industry

chemische Industrie

A wide field with many previously scarcely thought-out applications is available here for the future. The improvement of product properties in terms of effect, dosage and packaging is the focus of the coating processes. Some examples are enzymes, catalysts, granulated adhesives, detergents, powder reagent additives, active ingredients in tablet or spherical form. We invite you to tread new paths with us and to develop cheaper and more effective production possibilities.

• Safe handling also of potentially dangerous substances
• Fully automatic process flow
• Optimal use of the energy used and the available space

Coating Technology for Agriculture and Feed Products

Agro- und Futtermittel

During the last decade, seed coating has consistently increased and represents now a large segment of the entire seed production. In particular, vegetable and flower seeds, but also sugar beet and corn are coated with a modified film coating process.

In addition isolated applications of our technology can be found in an area of feed material, with the most essential one, adding of vitamins and minerals for protection and stabilization during storage.


  • Simple and robust design
  • Optimal use of the assigned energy and available space