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Without an efficient R&D department, the success of DRIAM technology would be unthinkable. Our DRIAM is one of the mainstays of the company. Our employees are experienced and at home in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They ensure that our machine components and systems are thoroughly tested and conform to the required product requirements.

Benefit from our many years of experience in coating technology.

What can we do for you?
• You are not yet familiar with the coating technology and would like to gain an insight into the various possibilities.
• You are developing a new product and need modern technical equipment.
• You are already operating coating plants and want to optimize your process.
• You need pharmaceutical products as a clinical specimen.
• Market tests require your marketing product samples.

• You want to introduce your employees to the operation of automatic coating pans.
• You need manufacturing capacity and want to manufacture products in contract manufacturing.

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The qualification of pharmaceutical plants is now an important component for the commencement of production operations. Our experienced engineers support you with the preparation of necessary documents based on the relevant regulations and guidelines from the pharmaceutical industry. Benefit from our experience and take advantage of the following services:

The creation of…
•… Qualification Framework Plans
•… Inspection plans and test reports
•… Calibration instructions

The implementation of the…
•… Installation Qualification (IQ)
•… Functional Qualification (OQ)
•… Calibration

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Turnkey Projects


Comprehensive problem solving and outsourcing of engineering and building technology lead to an ever-increasing demand. We have adapted to this development, built up appropriate capacities and occupied it with experienced employees.

Starting with the general design of the entire coating production area, DRIAM today carries out the realisation from the pure machine delivery to the complete turnkey project and is in many respects project-accompanying and supportive for its Customers:
• Layout planning incl. engineering
• Delivery of own equipment and procurement of additional equipment
• Installation monitoring or Complete installation
• Start-up until production readiness

We would be pleased to submit our offer to you.



Our comprehensive service begins at the latest with the start-up of the systems. The machine and process are on an equal footing in the centre of our offer.

Please select according to your wishes from the following range:
• Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment
• Analysis of problems and their elimination
• Conversion due to process changes
• Operator Training
• Process changeover due to new products

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