Coating Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Film coating with the batch coater DRIACOATER or
with the continuous film coater of the DRIACONTI-T® Coating Technology

For several years, the pharmaceutical industry has been subject to significant changes. Large companies have merged and combined manufacturing locations; small companies emphasized their field of expertise and concentrated on specialty products. The claim to develop and produce an effective and safe drug is the most important goal for our customers.

pharmazeutische Produkte

The film coating and suspension coating are part of the daily use of DRIACOATER plants. The essential requirements for a pharmaceutical coating plant are:
• cGMP/FDA Compliance
• Qualification
• Validation
• Safe, reproducible production processes
• Excellent cleanability

DRIAM has been closely associated with the pharmaceutical industry for decades. The first, automated systems for film and suspension coating were developed and launched in the 1970s. Thus, the brand DRIAM has become a term in the industry.

In our brochures you can see our answer to the many questions of batch-oriented DRIACOATER ® and continuous DRIACONTI-T ® coating Technology.

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Continuous Coating