Coating-Technology for Confectionary

As one of the founders of modern coating technology, DRIAM has been the world leader for more than 25 years and is today the market leader in the development of large coaters with perforated polygonal drums and a patented process air duct over the outer channels.

The main area of ​​application of DRIAM coating technology in the food industry is in the confectionery production sector, where many producers of all types of sugar and chocolate sweets are among the users of our technology. Particularly noteworthy is the segment of chewing gum manufacturers, where our plants are used by all well-known manufacturers in the field of sugar-free chewing gum and offer great advantages through very short processing times.

Hard sugar coating (spraying of solutions), soft sugar coating (spraying of solutions and application of solids) and chocolate coating are the processes that are most important in the confectionery industry. The essential requirements for the industrial use of coating and coating plants are:
• Short production times
• Cost reduction per production unit
• Constant quality
• Maximum space utilization
• Economical use of energy

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